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Eye Catching and Functional School Web Design

School Web Design provides a unique challenge, to balance eye catching web design, informative and user friendly content, with the ability to easily change and update the content of your website. FSE marries together the latest Responsive Technology and the web design eye, to ensure your new school website is something you can be proud of and can continue to develop for years to come. 

FSE specialises in providing outstanding School Web Design for Secondary, Academy and Primary schools throughout the UK and we can design and develop your website either as a stand-alone project, or as part of an overall rebrand. We pride ourselves on understanding exactly what you want to achieve. Our state of the art Content Management System ensures that your school website is expandable and easily manageable.

We will help you through the entire school web design process, and offer support and guidance at every step of the way, first with perfecting the design and then with the navigation, setup and CMS. We are excited about creating your new website and want to partner with you to achieve your perfect school web design, within budget and on time

Please view our portfolio to see some of our recent school web designs!


School Web Design

Bespoke Designs, the Latest Technology and State of the Art CMS

At FSE Design we are market leaders in developing fully bespoke, user friendly and powerful school websites for Primary, Secondary and Academies throughout the UK.

Our designers have extensive experience in school website design and will work closely with you to guarantee that your vision for your school website is incorporated into completely bespoke design - no templates in sight!

With the increase in smart phone and tablet usage, we employ the very latest technology in order for your website to be viewed effectively across all mobile devices. We also ensure that even non technical staff are able to update the site easily and as often as you wish with our state of the art Content Management System.

In short, the website that we offer you will incorporate a design that you will love, advanced technology that will give you peace of mind, and a flexibility that will ensure you get the best out of your site for years to come.

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Our Approach

We Look At School Website Design A Little Differently...

Selecting, designing and making full use of your new school website can be a complex and time consuming process. In a world where jargon rules and technology advances at a lightening pace, it is hard to know where best to invest your school's time and money.

What provides a useful and productive enhancement to your online strategy, and what is a costly extravagance that won't deliver a return on the investment you make? 

At FSE we have some of the best school website developers and designers who are constantly keeping abreast of, and evaluating new developments and incorporating them into the school website design and developments we produce. We don't charge according to which modules you need, we include everything in the price and work with you to select what is best for your school, creating the perfect school website design...for you!

Your account manager will explain the options and guide you through the process. We will ensure that your new school website does everything you need, and a little more besides! Importantly, we'll also make sure it will be an enjoyable process and you will have a new website that the whole school will be proud of. 


Design Features

Cutting Edge Technology Combined with Website Design Excellence

The list of possible features for your new school website design is almost endless. Here are a few of the common options, but we will work with you through the process to ensure your new site has all the functionality you need, combined with beautiful design. Two fundamental features are:

Responsive Technology - Enabling your site to be viewed effectively on devices of all shapes and sizes

Content Management System - We use a cutting edge Content Management System, ensuring you can easily control your site with no technical knowledge or expertise  

We would be delighted to arrange a demonstration to show how your new school website could operate, and run through some examples of our recent design work. We can also discuss the features you would like on your site and give you a fully inclusive quotation. Why not get in touch?

Popular Features

  • Announcement Manager
  • Galleries & Slideshows
  • Online ShopSecure
  • Staff & Governor Area
  • Video Streaming
  • News Updates
  • Site Statistics
  • Site Search
  • Calendar
  • Maps
  • Download Area
  • File Management
  • Digital Prospectus
  • Staff Directory
  • User Management
  • News Scheduling

Please contact us to arrange a meeting and we can discuss your plans and how we can help with a new school website design.


Content Management System

User Friendly, Easy to Manage and Fully Supported CMS

A good Content Management System forms the backbone of any modern school website, and we believe we've got one of the best. Our systems offer the best of both worlds - combining industry award winning technology with bespoke development.

The key is not just the CMS itself, but understanding your school and what you hope to get from your school website. We will work as your partner to ensure that your site is built and created around a framework that will make your life easier! Your new school website will be simple to manage, update and control. We have worked exclusively helping schools with their marketing for over 13 years and can draw on this experience to ensure your Content Management System gives you all of the functionality that you need, with the minimum of complexity ensuring that it is easy for non-technical staff to contribute to the ongoing development of your site.

We are confident that you will love both the CMS and the design that we can bring to your new site, and would be only too happy to arrange a free demonstration for you - please call us on 01933 303520 and we can set a date.

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A Whole New Level of Support - Not a Support Number or Queue In Sight...

School Website Design and Development that is both functionally rich and pleasing to the eye is really only the start... We are here to help you develop your school website and all areas of your marketing.

Of course, we provide industry leading hosting and back-up so your site will always be live and protected should there ever be any of those pesky technical issues.

However, our approach to client support and relationships is a little different to most - we are only a small team (there are about 30 of us) and we all love helping schools find that marketing edge. We are all here to support, guide and help each and every customer. As an example, we all answer the phone... you're just as likely to get straight through to our Operations Director, or Lead Designer as you are the Developer who created your site and we're all just as keen to help!

Why not give us a call and let's start the conversation about how we can work together? 

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Responsive Design

Responsive Websites are standard as part of our School Website Design.

Responsive Website Design is achieved by creating websites that provide an optimal viewing experience for all users, across multiple platforms. Your school website will be easy to read, simple to navigate and with minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling - across a wide range of devices from Desktop Computers, to Tablets and Smart Phones.

Tablet and smartphone usage nearly doubled in the last year and the mobile share of the market is now around 25% on average. With more & more people viewing websites away from their desktop, the importance of having a responsive design which changes to fit the size of the screen it's viewed on, is constantly increasing.

For your school website, Responsive Design offers the simplest way to reach readers across multiple devices.

We understand the importance of ensuring your School Website targets the widest audience and so we create Responsive Websites as standard, as part of our School Website Design