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Ikea has the Right Idea

We love technology and gadgets as much as the next person, but we still found this advert by Swedish furniture giant IKEA extremely amusing.

With the recent release of the Iphone 6, this advert is a tongue in cheek parody of some of the latest tablet and smart phone technologies. Jörgen Eghammer, who is Ikea's chief design guru appears in the video, who introduces the new Ikea catalogue, not as a digital book or as an e-book, but as a book book. He goes on to say that "Once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we live, a device so simple and intuitive, using it feels almost familiar." 

Here at FSE Design, we often have conversations with schools about whether or not it is still worth having a printed prospectus brochure... this video hopefully helps to answer this.