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At FSE Design we are a specialist school website design and marketing agency with more than 17 years’ experience working exclusively in the education sector. 

Client Focused

We love what we do and think that shows in the work we produce and in the relationships we have with our clients. 

State of the Art Technology

Our CMS combines industry award winning technology with bespoke development to fit the needs of our schools and we think it’s one of the best!

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Primary School Website Design

At FSE Design, we're an award-winning website design agency with a team that has over 17 years' experience working exclusively on school and academy websites. 

During this time, we've worked with hundreds of primary schools on their websites and school photography and we understand that each one is different; with different audiences and importantly, different budgets. This is why we've created a range of school website packages, meaning every primary school can have a new website they're proud of! 

Our websites use the most up to date technology and an intuitive content management system and our extensive design expertise ensures that your site is something you can be proud of and can develop for years to come. All of our sites have full support for mobile for the best access for all students, parents and staff. Our designs are bespoke and can be paired with a stunning school prospectus brochure and a host of other items to enhance your overall school branding



We believe that commissioning a new school website should be an exciting time! It does not need to be as complex or time consuming as you imagine - we aim to keep the process as simple as possible for you to deliver information to your school community. Our easy to use content management system really helps with this! 

Our CMS combines industry award winning technology and support services with bespoke development to fit the needs of our schools - whether it's to communicate better with current parents or improve your school marketing - we think it's one of the best. 

The easy to use interface will enable you to learn and take control of your school website quickly and its intuitive features will help you to manage the information on the site easily as you update and evolve it. Our primary school websites also come with technical support and training to ensure you can get the most out of your site from the moment it goes live! 


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Just to say thank you for the speedy progress of the MAT website and to say that Rachel has been fantastic to work with throughout the two website projects that she is managing for Heworth and the MAT. Great to talk to someone who is always positive and happy!

Easy to use, intuitive and versatile...

Our content management system (CMS) combines award winning technology services, with bespoke development to fit the needs of our schools and we think it’s one of the best!

The easy to use interface will enable you to learn and take control of your school or academy website quickly and its intuitive features will help you to manage the site easily as you update and evolve it.

News Feeds

Share all of the latest news about your school directly on your homepage, as well as creating a personal bond with new and existing parents through the publishing and archiving of your blog. 

Contact Form

Our CMS allows you to easily build, fully editable contact forms on any part of the site – choose which email you want to the submissions to go to and share the workload.


Manually upload dates and events or automatically sync from a calendar in school. Our calendar also allows you to assign your own categories to allow visitors to filter the events.

Social Media Feed

Link your social media feeds with your website to create a social wall that will pull through your recent tweets and posts directly to your homepage - helping to keep parents up to date with activity within the school!

Secure Log In Areas

Enable password protected areas of the website to only allow access for those with permission – great for Governor or parent only areas.

Digital Prospectus

Include a digital copy of your existing prospectus on your website which will allow users to flick through the pages by using digital book software.

File Management

Upload, store and download PDFs, newsletters, forms and other important documentation that may benefit current and prospective pupils and parents. 

Media Gallery

Make the most of your school photography and upload a range of photos, videos and podcasts to showcase the true character and ethos of your school. The whole gallery or certain albums can made private and secure, and can be edited at any time to resize, organise and add captions to any of the media uploaded.

Announcement Management

Upload important or emergency messages to parents, students and staff, which will pop up instantly on your homepage. Great for emergency school closures, weather warnings or important reminders. 

Map and Directions

Link your contact form to Google maps to give visitors your exact location and allow them to get live directions to you.

Page Level User Management

Set up varying permissions for back-end users to ensure you can keep control of the site and only allow updates where you want them.

Vacancy Manager

Advertise your vacancies directly on the site using the vacancy manager. Roles can be added easily and vacancies can be set to remove themselves automatically after the closing date.


Upload parents email addresses through the CMS and create your own designed E-newsletter which can be emailed to parents with messages, links to recent news or other web pages and latest dates from the calendar.

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