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Why Choose Display Hot Boards?
High Quality
Our display hot boards are made of high quality acrylic, attached with 5mm metal standoffs meaning the boards are secure, sturdy and will last for years!
Cost Effective
Reusable hot pockets allow displays of pupil work or notices to be changed easily and regularly, ensuring you can always transform the learning environment.
Transforms Classrooms
Our interchangeable displays completely brighten any classroom all hallway and also give students a sense of achievement to see their hard work displayed for everyone to see!

Interchangeable Display Boards

Our Display Hot Boards allow you to display information, notices, photos and student work with the option to change these quickly and easily, whenever you want. We can produce a variety of different size acrylic boards, each with a variety of pockets to hold a range of paper sizes! 

The pockets themselves are secured to the board using adhesive strips, meaning you can change the layout, sizes and orientation of the individual pockets as often as you wish! Our display boards can really enhance the learning environment; they not only hold notices or information for students and visitors, they can be used in hallways and classrooms to showcase students work or hold information on particular topics and subjects! 

Staff and Student Photo Displays

Staff or Student photo boards help to give your school a personal edge. Displayed in reception, department entrances or classrooms, our photo hot boards cultivate a sense of belonging and make both staff and students proud to be recognised as a significant part of a team. 

Made of high quality acrylic and supplied with beautiful metal standoffs, they create a clean and professional look and can be easily interchanged. 

To discuss our display boards, please give us a call on 01933 303520 where our team will be happy to advise you on options for your school. 

What Next?
Request a Quote
If you have good idea about what you already want, get in touch with our team who will be happy to put together a full, no obligations quotation for the job.
Book a Site Visit
One of our team can pop in to school, take a little tour and recommend the best display options for you before sending a proposal over outlining the recommendations and costs!
Need Some Inspiration?
If you want something a little different to the norm then why not just give us a call? We can have a chat through all of the options out there for transforming your school!
Need Printed Items for your Display Boards?

We can help there too! 

We offer a wealth of printed products that can help to promote your brand and effectively communicate your message to students and staff! 

We can design and print posters and flyers in all sizes to fit perfectly in to your new display boards. For a no obligations quotation, please contact us.