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In the last few years social media has become increasingly important for schools as a way to communicate with parents and a way to promote what you do to prospective parents and staff. Dedicating your time to it however can be difficult - especially when staff may be unsure of how to manage it safely and effectively in an education setting. 

We have years of experience navigating social media - how it works, it's issues and the benefits of using it and we are here to help you to do the same.

For our schools and trusts, if used correctly, social media can help you to; connect with your parents and pupils and engage them in school life, raise awareness of your school brand, promote events and give a window in to life at your school. And it doesn't need to be scary, there are ways to ensure your social channels are moderated and secure and we're here to help you ensure they are.

So, if you'd like to see how a better social media plan can help you achieve your communication and marketing goals then contact us to have a chat about it!


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Social Media Advert Campaigns

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Using paid social media posts to promote your school or trust is a relatively new approach to your marketing but it can be highly effectively in reaching your target audience!

Whether you want to promote an open evening, highlight a job vacancy or simply promote some good news from your school, paid adverts allow you to highlight a specific audience by age, location and interests and ensure your message gets through to them - even if they don't already follow you. 

We are experts in social media and the best way to get results with it so, if you'd like to discuss how paid adverts can help you promote yourself, then contact us now!

Social Media Branding

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Your social media pages are like everything else you put out from your school or trust - the way they are presented is a reflection on you and tells a story about your organisation. And your social media pages have the potential to be seen by a lot of people in your local area, even if they don't directly follow you. 

This is why your social media pages deserve the same attention to how they are designed as your school website or other branding and this is where we can help. We know the best way to promote your organisation on social media and we can design headers, pictures and banners to place on all your channels to further your brand and ensure you're always looking your best.