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with a team that has more than 20 years’ experience working exclusively on school & multi-academy trust websites.

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Designing and building a Multi-Academy Trust website requires a slightly different approach to our schools and that’s where our expertise comes in. Our Trust websites are built to appeal to a different audience - whether that be schools, prospective & current staff or key stakeholders. By understanding your Trust and where you want to go we ensure your new site highlights your ethos, strengths and approach to all the right people.

Our intuitive content management system also enables you to link your site to our school websites, allowing you propagate pages and information down to your school sites all from one place, meaning updating important information across the Trust is done with ease.

We can offer excellent packages for multi-site builds for our Trusts and we also offer a full Multi-Academy Trust Branding service so if you’d like to discuss how we could work with you to build a cohesive brand, across the Trust, then contact us.


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Easy to use, intuitive & versatile… Our content management system (CMS) combines award winning technology with bespoke development to fit the needs of our Multi-Academy Trusts and we think it’s one of the best. Our system will allow you to link it to our school websites and allow you to propagate information onto them automatically - saving you time and ensuring your trust information is always up to date across your school sites. 

The easy to use interface will enable you to learn and take control of your website and its many features will help you to manage the site easily as you update and evolve it. Our sites also come with technical support and training to ensure you can get the most out of your site from the moment it goes live.

CMS Features

Responsive Interface
All of our sites are built utilising the very latest technology and include ‘Responsive’ as standard. This technology allows your site to automatically resize and calibrate depending on the size of device you are viewing it with!
Trust Propagation
Upload information onto a specific section of the trust site and the system will allow you to filter this down to any school sites linked to it, automatically. Great for policies and trust-wide information you want to keep control of.
Calendar and Events
Manually upload dates and events or automatically sync from a calendar in school. Our calendar also allows you to assign your own categories to allow visitors to filter the events.
Media Gallery
Capture and upload a range of photos, videos and podcasts to showcase the true character and ethos of your school. The whole gallery or certain albums can made private and secure, and can be edited at any time to resize, organise and add captions to any of the media uploaded.
Social Media Feeds
Link your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube feeds to your website to keep students informed and encourage more people to follow you.
Announcement Management
Make important announcements to parents, students and staff, which will appear instantly on your homepage.
Secure Log-in Areas
Enable password protected areas of the website to only allow access for those with permission – great for Governor or parent only areas.
Vacancy Manager
Advertise your vacancies directly on the site using the manager. Roles can be added easily and vacancies can be set to remove themselves automatically after the closing date.
Page Level User Management
Set up varying permissions for back-end users to ensure you can keep control of the site and only allow updates where you want them.
Feature News and Blogs
Share all the latest news about your school directly on your homepage, as well as creating a personal bond with new and existing parents through the publishing and archiving of your blog.
Contact Forms
Our CMS allows you to easily build, fully editable contact forms on any part of the site – choose which email you want to the submissions to go to and share the workload.
Staff and Team
Easily share as much or as little information as required on staff members and departments, including positions, pictures, bios and contact details.

What Our Clients Say...

"Thank you to FSE who designed and built 9 websites across our MAT. Aaron was super patient throughout the whole process, really understood our needs and communication from the team was superb. The websites are so modern and professional - we've had brilliant feedback already! We are extremely pleased with our results and the level of support we are still receiving after the launches."
Digital Media & Communications Manager ,
Warrington Primary Academies Trust
"The team at FSE Design have been incredibly supportive and quick to respond from initial contact through to the launch of our websites. The team listened and understood our needs - they've been a great company to work with!"
Business Support Assistant ,
Educate Together Trust
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Responsive Multi-Academy Trust Websites

As parents, students and staff increasingly use mobile and tablet devices to access sites on the move it is essential that your Multi-Academy Trust website design is fully responsive to allow them to browse and find information with ease, regardless of what type of device they are using.

Our websites will automatically re-shape and re-size to fit any screen size beautifully! Our bespoke approach to our responsive designs will ensure that no features are lost, the navigation is easy to use and the site looks equally engaging and makes the most of your Multi-Academy Trust Branding however it is viewed.

All of our sites are responsive as standard so, if your current website is not responsive (or you’re not sure), then contact us today and have a chat with one of our team.

How We Work

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We’ll visit your Trust & offer a free, no obligations demonstration of our CMS; not only so you can see our work first hand but also so we can get to know you and understand your requirements from the project.


We'll hold a design meeting with you to discuss ideas & take a detailed brief for your new website; We will listen to your objectives and take the time to understand your Trust and schools before designing your new site or group of sites.


Our designers work hand-in-hand with our account managers & developers to ensure that your website is everything you envisaged and all of our design ideas function perfectly across all platforms and devices.


On completion of the final designs we will build these into the HTML templates at the required W3C standards for usability and accessibility, ready to be integrated into the CMS system.


Once the site or sites are built we will upload your content. Ether taking new wording you have written or transferring straight from your current sites, we’ll ensure any new websites look great from the start.


Before pushing any sites live, we complete comprehensive testing on all browsers and screen sizes to ensure sure they work perfectly, no matter who’s looking.


We offer a complete training session on our CMS before the website goes live so you feel comfortable making changes to your new site. We will also hold a session with each school having a new site to ensure everyone knows how to get the best from your sites.


Once the all the previous stages have been completed, your site or sites are ready to go live!

What Our Team Say...

“Working on Multi-Site Trust projects is so exciting – we get to build a cohesive brand across the Trust whilst also ensuring individual school personalities shine through! It’s also great knowing the final product will save you so much time”
Branding M\anager