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Social Distancing Signage Systems

We've worked with schools throughout the UK on their communications and school marketing since 2002. Typically, this includes their school prospectus brochures, school website designs, school branding, school signage and any other marketing materials. However, given the recent pandemic, schools are having to change their focus temporarily as they work to re-open safely.

With the guidelines issued this week regarding social distancing and reduced class sizes - we have put together a number of products, designed to help schools prepare as pupils and staff look set to return in the coming weeks.

Full details on the signage systems available can be found here, but items include:


Prepare your school for reopening


- To identify key drop off and pick up points
- To remind parents & pupils not to gather at the school gates

 To warn pupils, parents and staff of Covid-19 symptoms
-  To highlight areas of the school which are closed or only open to certain pupil groups

-  To pupils & staff of one way circulation and to highlight 2m distances where pupils line up

- To block off school areas or desks that are not to be used

- To remind pupils to wash hands
- To identify areas that are not to be entered or for areas where there should be a limited numbers of pupils at any time – e.g. toilets

- To quickly and easily identify pupils in each allocated group/bubble

Items can be ordered individually or as part of a social distancing package. All items will be branded to your school, using your logo and school colours. 

We know this is a difficult time, but our team would be more than happy to talk through any items that are available for making the transition from home, back to school - a little easier, so please contact us, email or give us a call on 01933 303520.


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