Illustration: Worth a thousand words

28 Jun 2016
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Illustration: Worth a thousand words

Often over-looked, illustration can be a great way to make your school branding feel original and unique. Read our booklet to find out how your school can make the most of it:


Alternatively read our un-illustrated version below:

In the tool kit

Designers have a host of tools they can use to give your marketing materials a distinct character such as photos, fonts, colour, through to the stock and finishes of printed products. One powerful tool that probably isn’t used enough within school marketing is illustration which is strange as it has the power to captivate your audience and get them engaging with you.

The power of illustration

Sure, you could use photography instead but illustration is great for getting information over immediately and in an easily digestible format. Just think of road signs or the flat pack instructions from a certain Swedish furniture store. Photography is great but it just wouldn’t work in the same way.

Illustrations can be used to attract your attention to certain information making it more likely to be noticed and read. They can make your design come alive and turn an otherwise under appreciated document on, for example, admissions into a memorable and enjoyable visual treat.

Once Upon a time...

When people think of illustration they often go to children’s books but illustrators create images for a whole range of areas including advertising, packaging, websites, logos, posters and brochures to name but a few. More and more companies are getting on the illustration bandwagon such as American Express, Base Camp and Oreo Cookies. Why not take a leaf out of their books and give illustration a go?

Illustrations can make your school more personable and, therefore, approachable. If you use a similar style of illustration throughout your branding then you will also create an instant recognition factor.

Illustration doesn’t have to be just for nursery and primary schools, it simply depends on the style you choose and how you then use it. A helpful FSE Design designer will be glad to guide you in the right direction.

Smarties logo

Illustration can work really well for a logo. We designed the logo for Rastrick High School so when they opened up a new nursery they asked us to create a more friendly and fun version of their main school logo to use. Illustration was the obvious way to give their existing logo a new twist while keeping it still very much under the Rastrick brand umbrella.

Students as illustrators

Why not get your students involved in creating illustrations for your school branding? We recently worked with Court Lane Primary School who got their students involved in creating illustrations for the children’s area on their website.

We think these not only look great but also add some fun to the site as well as giving the students a sense of ownership.


There are some areas of your school marketing that really call out for illustration and Christmas cards are one of those. We used illustration on our Christmas cards last year with one of our talented designers, Rachel, creating a beautiful gingerbread winter wonderland. 

For more ideas of how your school can use illustration then FSE Design can really help.

Remember me

In this day and age, where parents and students have a lot more distractions, illustration can be great for not only grabbing their attention but also sticking in their heads. It’s also a great solution to build instant recognition for your brand and really stand out from other schools in the area.

Illustration isn’t going to be the answer for every design project, or even, school but there are times when it will do the job absolutely wonderfully.

That old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly true.