Print finishes to make your school prospectus brochure stand out!

3 May 2022
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Print finishes to make your school prospectus brochure stand out!

One of the main advantages of having a physical school prospectus brochure over a digital one is that you can physically touch, feel and even smell it! It offers a unique opportunity to convey the values and qualities of your school. Concepts that can sometimes be a little harder to demonstrate online.

There are lots of options for different finishes to help make your brochure even more visually appealing. Here at FSE Design, we’ll discuss the different options that are available and ensure that you get the effect that you want for your prospectus. Here we outline four of the best finishes to make your prospectus stand out.

1.      Lamination

The most popular finish choice is lamination which adds a layer of protective coating to the cover of your prospectus. Choosing a lamination will improve the feel of your brochures giving them a professional feel as well as improving their sturdiness and water resistance.

There are a few different choices of lamination but our three favourites for creating a prospectus with a high-quality feel are:

Gloss laminate: creates a super shiny finish for your brochure, it works especially well with bright vibrant colours and makes photos look clearer and sharper. We particularly love this option for primary school prospectuses.

Matt laminate: a nonglossy finish which makes a great choice for a more classic and sophisticated style. Frequently selected by secondary schools and the perfect base to add another finish such as a spot UV, foil or deboss (see below for more information on these!).

Soft touch: a soft texture with a matt effect that is hugely tactile – you won’t want to put this one down! If you’re looking for something a little different but isn’t going to break the bank, then this could be for you.


2.      Spot UV

This is a smooth and glossy layer which is applied to a specific area, rather than the whole page, to enhance your cover design. Use it to highlight different parts of the design such as logos, design elements or text and it will give you a brilliant finish with colours becoming more vibrant. For an even more striking finish and maximum contrast use spot UV on a matt laminate – stunning!


3.      Foiling

Why not add a touch of luxury by having a metallic foil applied to a specific area of your prospectus cover? The most common choice for foil colours is gold or silver but others are available. This finish often works best when used in small quantities on a logo and/or text, automatically adding prestige to your brochure.


4.      Embossing & Debossing

These two finishes both use similar techniques that add texture and emphasis by adding real physical depth. Embossing pushes out while debossing pushes in specific areas of the design. Perfect when used on a logo and/or text to makes them stand out while providing an interesting and highly tactile finish. When combined with foiling you’ll have a truly striking result.

Remember, to get the best from your print finishes it’s always best to factor them in as a part of the design process rather than as an afterthought.

At FSE Design we work with you from the very beginning of your project to show you how these finishes can enhance your prospectus. To discuss how to add the wow factor to your brochure please call us for a chat here or on 01933 303520.