Surviving the Google SEO update?

20 Feb 2016
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Surviving the Google SEO update?

You may have seen a number of news and social media articles over the last couple of days, talking about “mobilegeddon” and the latest Google algorithm update regarding mobile friendly websites. But what exactly is this? And more importantly, what does it mean for your school website?

A mobile friendly site gives users an optimum viewing experience by being easy to read, simple to navigate and with minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling... on any mobile device. Tablet and smartphone usage nearly doubled in the last year highlighting the importance of having a mobile friendly website.

First revealed by the search engine back in February 2015, Google announced it would boost the ranking of mobile friendly websites. It came as a shock to many that Google gave prior warning of a big algorithmic change, but by doing so; website owners have been given a chance to alter their websites, making them mobile friendly... before being thrown down the search engine rankings.

This is the biggest change to Google’s algorithm since 2011, and if as a school, you rely on prospective parents and carers’ finding your website on Google... it is time to check that you aren't in the firing line!

You can check the status of your website using the Google mobile friendly test, by clicking here

If your website is mobile friendly, Awesome! Keep up the good work! If it isn't, your school website is at risk of falling behind your competitors to page 2, 3 or worse...on the Google search.

We build all of our bespoke websites using the latest, mobile friendly, responsive technology; so if you need some help with creating a mobile friendly site – give us a call today on 01933 303520.