The Importance of Data to School Marketing Teams

10 Jun 2018
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The Importance of Data to School Marketing Teams

Data. It is what is on all of us marketer’s minds. Did those campaigns we worked so relentlessly hard to implement, drive the results we hoped? I’m not sure about you, but with the co-ordination of so many digital marketing campaigns it means that at FSE Design, we trawl through several data sources to measure how effective our campaigns have been. One thing I will say is, “all hail mighty platform dashboards!” Whether we’re analysing how well the latest email campaign performed or how many visits we had to our website, our dashboards provide us with an incredible level of detail that allow us to measure how closely we hit our KPI’s.

For schools marketing to prospective parents and students, it won’t differ too greatly. There are an abundance of digital marketing methods schools can use to market themselves. From the school website and email marketing through to social media engagement, paid social ads and display advertising – they’re all great ways to reach a schools varied audience. Methods that work well for one school, may not work for all so it is important to analyse the data to ensure your school is using the right channels, allocating the correct budget and promoting the best message to attract prospective parents and students.

With nearly real-time statistics on open rates, click through rates, bounce rates and downloads – it can get a little bit addictive seeing the numbers roll in. If you hit your KPI’s, evaluate the data and decide how to launch even better campaigns…and when you don’t? Well, take the hit, learn where it all went wrong and come back fighting.

The important thing to remember is that data gives us the ability to gain the insights that allow us to perform better, month after month.

If big data isn’t your thing, or for advice on implementing digital marketing campaigns that will make you the school of choice, call the team today on 01933 303520.