Website Project - Cheltenham Bournside School

25 Mar 2022
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Website Project - Cheltenham Bournside School

As a developer, this is exactly the kind of site you want to get your teeth into. There are so many special bespoke features to this school website and we were given very strong styling guidelines from the client school.

Fi was the lead designer on this site and did a great job of interpreting the school's requirements into a fully functional website that offers intuitive UX and logical administration going forward.

We were helped by thorough content preparation and some great photography that really shows off the diversity of the school's offerings.

The website features fixed header navigation that changes its styling on scroll, a variety of lazy loaded content, section specific link sets and 2 home pages (main school and sixth form) along with several special page types.

From a development point of view, every school site has its challenges too. It was quite a battle to fit all the header link sets onto the site when working on responsive styling for mobile devices. The hover effects for the homepage calendar with their keyframe animations of :before and :after pseudo-elements was tricky, but a lot of fun too and we're really happy with the overall effect.

Scrolling further down we have the facebook and twitter API's and rendering text to circular paths for their unique house points design.

The branding of the school was followed through with individual colour schemes for various sections with special "bubble" header pages for each. So the sixth form section, the sports centre and the rest of the sites follow their own schemes throughout the subpages of these sections too.

The bubble pages allow snippets of subpages to be viewed to the side and again required some finessing to work on devices with less screen acreage.

This is one of the most cohesive, well structured and beautiful secondary school websites I've worked on and I couldn't be more proud of what we managed to produce at FSE.

You can see the finished site here: