What Font?

2 Dec 2014
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What Font?

When it comes to designing anything, from a prospectus to a newsletter, banner to a website, fonts are one of the most important, but often unappreciated, elements to the design.

We’re all used to thinking of how colour and photos can convey a message but so can the typefaces we use. They don’t just make up the words you use they are also communicators in themselves. They can change the tone and feel of your design instantly.

For many non-designers it can be a bewildering process deciding what typeface to use and where. There is a never-ending choice out there from the normal, conventional looking fonts to novelty fonts made out of penguins. Selecting the right font can be tricky. Although it’s probably best never to use the penguin font.

The infographic below gives you an idea of the process of choosing the right font for your purposes. If in doubt though, ask a designer – we love fonts!