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Web Team

Adam is head of web team here at FSE Design and has been with us for 3 years. He specialises in back-end web development, ensuring our CMS system works exactly how our schools require and working with the whole web team to make sure standards on the builds are high. Adam takes a keen interest also in new developments in the tech world and ensures we are always up to date. 

Branding & Marketing

Jessica has worked for FSE Design for over 14 years and is our senior brand manager and school marketing expert. Jessica has extensive experience working with hundreds of schools to help them discover their unique marketing goals and ensuring they are realised in their designs both online and in print. 


Marie has been a senior designer at FSE Design for over 14 years. She specialises in school prospectus and website design and general school branding. She is also experienced in logo design, fonts and colours and has worked with hundreds of schools to realise their design goals. 


Rachel has been with FSE Design for over 10 years and is now a senior designer here. She excels in designs for schools that show off their USP's and truly make the school shine. Rachel particularly enjoys working on website designs for schools and enjoys designing in bespoke features for each school to ensure their website works for them in the best possible way.

Web Team

Phillip has worked for FSE Design for over 9 years. Specialising in website support and development, Phil is also responsible for training here and co-ordinates this for our schools. 

Guest Post

We sometimes are lucky enough to have a guest blogger write an article for our site - when this is the case we'll put their name in the article. 


Lauren worked for FSE Design between 2012 and 2020 as a marketing executive and subsequently our marketing manager. Lauren specialised in all things marketing including social media, print marketing, website strategies and marketing plans for schools.

Web Team

Warren worked for FSE Design for 2 separate periods between 2010 and 2019. Warren was web team lead for much of his time here and specialised in both front-end and back-end web development.

Web Team

Ash worked for FSE Design between the years of 2013 and 2018. He specialised in front-end website development working on hundreds of school websites to ensure their design matched the finished site. 

Marketing & Office Assistant

Faye started work with FSE Design this year helping with a number of roles including marketing. Faye has a degree in Design & Textiles and a higher national diploma in Graphic Design from the University of Northampton and has previous experience working in design agencies. 

Client Manager

Aaron has worked FSE Design for over 5 years and is our client manager. Aaron has worked with hundreds of schools on their websites and prospectus brochures and enjoys working closely with them to realise their goals. 

Web Developer

Solomon started with us here in January this year as a web developer and in that time has worked with a wide range of schools, building new sites and putting their designs into practice on their sites. 

Web Developer

Amy has worked for FSE for over 3 years  - she is an expert in school web development and enjoys ensuring that all the school designs translate well onto their website and work exactly how they should.